Regain Hope & Reignite Your Dreams


If you have come this far in your courageous journey, it is witness to how dedicated you are to achieving your family dream. We know the years have been tough on your body. The complicated process has left you mentally exhausted. The many failed attempts have left you emotionally drained. 

You have been told that you have a Low Ovarian Reserve, Endometriosis or one of the many other reproductive obstacles, which has left you reeling and feeling hopeless. Or you have been rejected for traditional infertility treatments because you are expected to make very few eggs during ovarian stimulation, a “low responder” and may ruin the clinic’s success rates.

The sleepless nights caused by the financial burden of failed traditional infertility treatments are countless. The endless hormone injections over the weeks, the months, the years associated with headaches, mood swings, bloated bellies and exhaustion has led to issues in your relationships, even the relationship with yourself. You are a pincushion. A shadow of your optimistic, hopeful, and light former self. You have admitted absolute defeat. Still you spend hours trailing the internet in pursuit of your answer, your miracle.

It is not the time to lose hope. Nor is it the time to be limited by your current obstacle. We are so glad your path has led to us, because at Amrita Fertility, we are experts in even the most challenging cases and have been witness to many tiny miracles.


Less Stimulation Medication
With IVF Low Ovarian Reserve eliminates the need for excessive amounts of artificial stimulation medication and the associated side effects on your body, allowing your well-being and natural cycle to be at an optimal state.

Anesthesia Free

The minimally invasive and painless ovarian puncture does not require the use of anaesthesia. We use gentle protocols and the thinnest needles possible to make your retrieval experience comfortable. In addition it eliminates the added anesthesia fees.

Designed for You

We care about you and your journey. Our goal is to listen to your needs as an individual with unique requirements. Together, we will carefully design a path to help create your tiny miracle.


An ovarian reserve is referring to the number of eggs that a woman has available at any given time. A low ovarian reserve is referring to low egg reserve which consequently influences the woman’s fertility. Over the years a woman’s ovarian reserve decreases, and although it is a slow and progressive process, it usually appears more clearly from the age of 35 onwards. Hormonal changes due to ovarian failure can influence and change the pattern of the menstrual cycle and over time, it becomes difficult to conceive a child, naturally. A Low Ovarian Reserve in young women, although less common, is not unheard-of. It can affect young women who have suffered ovarian failure prematurely, or other causes such as endometriosis, medical therapies, surgery, chemotherapy, or other factors such as environmental or lifestyle.


Women with Low Ovarian Reserve
Women with Endometriosis
Cancer Warriors or Survivors
Low Responders
Women failed by Traditional Infertility Treatments (more than 30% of ALL patients)


Every woman is unique and requires a personalized treatment plan that considers your individual story. When it comes to your IVF Low Ovarian Reserve treatment plan, a cookie- cutter approach will not suffice. With this in mind, it is essential for us to make a pre-diagnosis and to offer you the most suited treatment plan for you. Prior to IVF Low Ovarian Reserve, we recommended doing some fertility testing to confirm your diagnosis and to be certain this treatment is your best path. The recommended tests prior to IVF Low Ovarian Reserve are

  • Hormonal Analysis 
  • Low Ovarian Reserve Study
  • Gynaecological ultrasound to check you or your partner’s ovarian reserve and to rule out pathologies in the uterus and ovaries. 
  • Review of your clinical history and past Assisted Reproduction treatments performed


This multi-level phase includes; a review of your medical history, designing your stimulation plan, your stimulation and ultrasound monitoring.

Using ultrasound monitoring, and appropriate knowledge of your menstrual cycle, our medical team decides the exact moment in which the follicle is at a perfect state of maturation. At this point the quality egg is retrieved using an ovarian puncture without the use of anaesthesia, which will be fertilized in the laboratory at a later stage.

The retrieved quality egg is fertilized using your partner or the donor’s sperm sample, in our world-class IVF laboratory. Our highly skilled embryologist performs the blastocyst culture and develops the embryos.

The embryo are vitrified (frozen), which is necessary to synchronize the embryo with the implantation window. The vitrified embryos are safely stored while you prepare for your embryo transfer

We prepare you for your embryo transfer by ensuring optimal lining.

The embryo is transferred into your uterus using a simple insertion procedure that does not require the need for anaesthesia. This procedure is simple, risk-free, painless, and performed in the comfort of our consultation room.

You will have a follow-up appointment to resolve any concerns and to check your physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

A blood pregnancy test is performed 15 days after the embryo transfer to confirm if you are pregnant. During the treatment, you will have your own personal coordinator, who will be available to answer any questions and accompany you through this momentous time in your life.


We want to accompany you on this momentous journey, that we understand is not the easiest. For this reason, our full medical team is at your disposal. We are always here to answer any of your questions and guide you along the best path to achieve your desired pregnancy.